To Sipadan Island.

This isn’t my first visit to Sabah, i’ve been to Sandakan few years ago but this is my first visit to Semporna! And yes, the reason Semporna is because of Sipadan Island (:
Always heard about the place but never serious planning for it and so, ta-da! I’m here on my birthday month, had my first dive, first island hike and met some new friends!

Our stay in Semporna, Neo Paly Hotel. Probably the nicest you can find in this town.
Stylish bathroom.
Dressing table.
View from balcony #1.
View from balcony #2.
A mini jetty nearby.
Arriving at Sipadan Kapalai Dive Resort.
There is a police hub monitoring the safety of the place over there.
Hammock overlooking the blue ocean.
The water is really clear.
My favourite spot on the island.
Worry less, travel more.
View from room.
Woke up 6am waiting for sunrise.
Look at the clouds!
Welcome to Paradise.
Windy weather, calming ocean.
See you again.
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Chakori 二奶冰室

A new hipster cafe in Ipoh Old Town, not really new actually it was opened in 2019.
Order and pay at counter kind of service.
Well said, that’s why i’m here!
Hojicha latte and matcha cake (they only left with two choices). Overall the desserts are pretty but taste is lacking. I guess you can drop by for some photos but don’t expect too much on the food.
Original flavour waffle with chocolate + soy bean ice-cream.
This area will probably look better at night.

Chakori 二奶冰室
35, Jalan Market Ipoh, 30000, Ipoh, Perak
Opens daily from 10am-11.30pm (closed on Tuesdays)
Tel: 016-902 5191

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