2017, the year of change.

I started the year with no expectations, with the same old wish, hoping that someday i could achieve financial independence. All these while, throughout the years, ever since i had to support everything on my own, i couldn’t earn enough to cover my commitment and a little extra for savings. Just suddenly, i feel like i can’t stay the same way anymore, i needed a change.

In April, i took the risk to quit my full time job and went abroad to work alone. I still remember, the feeling of anxiety, uncertainties and tears before i left home. But i knew i had to do it. I just need to keep my heart strong. My initial plan was to return 1 year later or more with some savings and maybe a business plan. However, i returned to Malaysia after 3 months. Looking back, i’ve never once regretted my decision. Not even once. Even though is just a short period, working abroad had let me see more of the world.

I spent second half of the year working freelance. It was like getting lost in a maze, couldn’t find a way out. Basically i had no direction in my career but i had no time to rest and think. I can’t let my income stop flowing in. End of 2017, i made a decision to join banking line doing sales. It was a big step for me as i knew it has no income stability and i’ll have alot to learn and adapt. There’s no guarantee that i can stable down as well. I knew i couldn’t afford that to happen, but i wanted to give it a try.

Relationship, i had it messy in 2017. I ended up my 6 years relationship and started a few short ones. But things doesn’t work out. I wouldn’t say who is right and wrong, because there is no right judgement when it comes to love. At this point, i came to really understand that if someone loves you, he’ll not destroy you. Deep down inside my heart, i know who really treats me right.

There’s a saying from Buddha,
When you like a flower, you just pluck it.
When you love a flower, you water it daily.
One who understand this, understands life.

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