2020, the year of improvement.

Twenty twenty is a nice figure but unexpectedly, corona virus hits us. Everyone will remember that year because it had caused a huge impact all over the world, started with China. I still remember when i first heard the news of corona hitting China, i thought it was just another “case of the world”, not impacting Malaysia anyway. I’m writing this post to remind myself that no matter how worst the situation is, there is always another way. Making changes is always better than complaining, blaming and giving up.

When i was still wandering in life, i’ve found myself a way. I started a job that eventually turned out to help me earn more than i can imagine. I think i had mentioned in one of my old posts before, here; that my principle of earning money is very simple, as long as i don’t harm anyone including myself, i’m good to go. A few financial rules i set to myself is having multiple streams of income, spend less than you can earn and always finding ways to earn more. I’m on freelance now so i can control my own work and time but when you were given too much freedom, you will get a little lazy sometimes… (:

But is okay, life is not just all about work, i do have a dream i wanted to accomplish so badly but i don’t want to lose the meaning of life while chasing it. Rest if you must, but don’t you quit. Corona virus also gave us a sign that staying healthy and safe is the most important thing to a human being. If you know me well, i love exercising. That’s the only thing which is free and give us tons of benefits mentally and psychically.

2020 is the year of improvement, mainly on my finance. I managed to save up a sum of amount which is the highest in my record so far. Just a year ago, i was a women in 30s with zero savings in my bank account. I’m not joking and i’m not ashamed to admit that as well. In the past i just couldn’t earn more to get savings. Mentioning about this, i recall a chinese saying “there will be ups and downs in life, no one will stay stagnant forever”. I guess probably i’m having the up now but that doesn’t mean i can spend incautiously, even millionaire can go bankrupt if there is no financial planning. Thanks to the savings i got i managed to renovate my house for some interior upgrade after 8 years of staying here. For me spending on housing is not a waste because it is for long term comfort, and same goes to family members because they are the dearest ones to me.

In 2021, i wish that everything will goes smoothly for me. There are a few top wishlists i wanted to achieve within these two years, before reaching the age of 35. Yes, mainly on financial settlements ― the house, car and mum’s bankruptcy status, wanted to bring her to oversea before she would leave the world someday. Dear daddy in heaven, it’s been 10 years since you left us but we still talk about you once in awhile, i miss you and don’t worry, i’ll take care of mummy and the family. Please give us lots of your blessings.

Dear my life,
Thank you that i’m not born with a silver spoon.
Thank you that i had to be independent.
Thank you for all the stress.
Thank you for all the failures.
Thank you that i never give up.
It makes me who i am today.

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