About Me

Hello out there…

My name is Kim Choo and i’m not a korean.
I’ll say i’m just an ordinary girl who loves traveling, food and photography.

♥ 15th November
♥ Scorpio
♥ AB blood type
♥ 168cm tall, shoe size 8. I have big feet.
♥ Ipoh, Malaysia.
♥ Klang, Malaysia (current).
♥ Student from HELP. No longer a student.
♥ Have a scar on my jawbone.
♥ Have 5 ear piercings.
♥ Have a tattoo on thigh and wrist.
♥ Don’t smoke or play with drugs. But i vape! (:
♥ Alcohol, EDM and 慢摇 makes me high.
♥ Red wine, gin and cocktails.
♥ The colour skyblue.
♥ Rainbow, moon, stars, shooting stars, snow, northern lights, basically i just love everything on the sky!
♥ Misses my dad but god took him away to a far away land.
♥ Half banana, can converse in Chinese but not read and write.
♥ Will love someone seriously if i want to.
♥ Loves sad and sentimental songs.
♥ Independent and strong will.
♥ Emotional, can get very very emotional sometimes. Everything just seems not right at that moment.
♥ Impatient & stubborn.
♥ Have short antenna, slow in responding.
♥ Revenge is sweet.
♥ Always monday blue.
♥ Clumsy girl, a big potato.
♥ 365 days a year. 360 days organized, like to be clean and neat.
♥ Love horror and ghost movies, especially those that end with a twist. I watch korean/taiwanese/hong kong dramas too.
♥ Love munching whenever, wherever.
Obsess with chewing small ice cubes. Stopped!
♥ Love to EAT.
♥ Love fruits, i eat apple regularly.
♥ Love peanut, almond and basically nuts.
♥ Love breakfast set.
Love cold HL milk with cereals. Now only once in awhile.
♥ Love overnight oat.
♥ Love kimchi.
♥ Love white tofu.
♥ Love breads.
♥ Love brinjal, yam, sweet potato.
♥ Love vegetarian food, is part of my diet.
♥ No fishball or super ching tong soup.
♥ Don’t take supper anymore. (only once in a blue moon)
Had constipation and a very poor digestion system. I think this had improved! Effort from lifestyle and supplements.
♥ Cinderella girl, getting to bed before 12am is a practice.
♥ Crave for ice-cream, cake, cookie, dark chocolate, matcha!
♥ Chanel if i have to choose a branded.
♥ Financial freedom is a dream.
♥ Wants to go Korea, Disneyland, Paris, Maldives and Greece. Now i just want to travel around the world! Anywhere and everywhere!
♥ Love to sweat, jog, gym, basically stay active.
♥ Love photoshooting.
♥ Love a guy who plays piano.
♥ SHOPAHOLIC. But i can control myself when i want to.
♥ Airline industry is where i thought i’ll be.
♥ Dream is to become a flight attendant.  New dream is to earn tons of money (:
♥ Had nose and face thread lift to enhance my look hahaha.
♥ Secretly wish i can have bigger breasts wtf.
♥ If i were to own a dog, it’ll be golden retriever!
♥ Previous life updates at www.choolicious.blogspot.com

Updated 29th August 2022