Naturigin Hair Colour

Naturigin is originated from US and the brand has been tagging along with ‘natural’ or ‘less chemicals’. Really wanted to try their products but so far they have only 1 distributor in Penang (I’m staying in Selangor). However, i was lucky enough! When i contacted them through facebook, i was informed that their brand is participating in an international health fair in Midvalley during the coming weekend. Straightaway bought 6 boxes priced at RM65 each as i was advised to use 2 boxes if i have long hair.

The colour i bought:
1) 4 x Medium copper blonde 6.34
2) 1 x Dark coffee brown 3.0
3) 1 x Medium blonde deep red 7.55 (for my mum)




Click here to their official website.
Click here to Naturigin Singapore facebook.

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