Little Salty Cafe, Ampang

It’s been so so long since my last cafe hop!
Dine-in is now allowed for fully vaccinated peeps, so here i am feeding my cafe hunger.

Here’s such a beautiful place to watch sunset while enjoying your bites or meal. It rained when i arrived so got no choice but to sit indoor, however shifted outdoor when the rain stopped. Personally think that their main course tasted so-so, desserts are good so you may just go with it if you’re not aiming for a filling tummy.

Outdoor is too hot to be seated at 4pm.
Almond Tiramisu.
Chocolate Waffle. I love this! Will be back to try their other waffles.
Salmon, my all time favourite meat.
I bet it’ll look more beautiful at night.
It feels so nice to be outdoor looking at a view after so many months of lockdown.
Sunset is not so obvious due to earlier rainy weather.
Went down the hill and decided to stop by at this popular spot.

Little Salty Cafe Ampang
Lot 9270 Bukit Ampang Permai, Bukit Ampang, Off, Jalan Hulu Langat, 68000, Ampang
Opens daily from 4pm-10pm (close on Mondays)

*Online reservation is needed minimum 2 hours before, you may click in their Facebook for the link

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Hi 2020 from Bangkok

My first time counting down to New Year in Bangkok (:

Audrey Cafe in Thonglor, passed by and decided to sit in.
B-Story Garden, they have amazing vintage interiors which play along well with Christmas theme.
Escape Rooftop Bar, not a very high rooftop but their beach theme is pretty cute.
Chilling with cocktails and waiting for sunset.
Sun sun go away, come again another day.
Didn’t expect a pink sunset sky… extremely beautiful.
Last shot before i leave the bar.
I noticed that majority of the live bands in Bangkok can sing really well.
The night still young.
I don’t really like beer because of the gassy feeling but Fedebrau is an exception!
Would you swim here while the people are watching you? Haha.
New movie coming soon.
Call me maybe.

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