Sipadan Island, Semporna.

The main jetty area in Semporna.
Sea activities day, our pink boat is way too cute!
Even in Semporna itself the water is already quite clear.
Arriving at Sipadan Kapalai Dive Resort.
There is a police hub monitoring the safety of the place over there.
Hammock overlooking the blue ocean.
The water is really, really clear.
I could sit here all day.
Worry less, travel more, smile often.
6am in the morning and the sky was already quite bright.
I call this paradise.
Words can’t describe the peaceful feeling of this place.
Windy weather, calming ocean, nothing else but nature.
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Sandakan, Sabah.

Not the largest town in Sabah but i find peace in this place.

Traditional recipe ice-cream with “Little Hong Kong” background.

Coconut pudding from Kedai Makan Ngee Lee, they’re famous for their cantonese roast chicken and duck as well.

Mango yogurt ice-cream from 7-Heaven, a must try!

Came back for their yogurt ice-cream (:

English Tea House & Restaurant, relaxing place with nice view.

Apple crumble with vanilla ice-cream, bread & butter pudding.

St.Michael’s and All Angels Chruch.

Grass jelly drink from Kedai Yap Syn Kee.

Finally, trying out the popular dessert in Sandakan, UFO Tart!

Youtiao with kaya.

Next, Kota Kinabalu!

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