Chinese New Year in Hatyai

Boyfriend said it’s boring to spend Chinese New Year in local, so here we go, say hi to Hatyai! Staying in Alor Setar does has an advantage, you know. Traveling to Hatyai takes only around 2 hours if you get bored of the paddy fields already. This would be the second time i spent my Chinese New Year at oversea, after Macau; and it seem like Hatyai is more happening surprisingly. However it is stated online that only 14% of the population in Thailand are chinese but the celebration is pretty big, probably even the Thais do celebrate as well because they just love holidays and parties.

For me, it doesn’t matter where i celebrate Chinese New Year as long as i have my loved ones together. Chinese New Year is just an occasion or works as a reminder to gather with your family and spend some time with them. But if you always do then it’ll be the best, because you’ll never know when is everyone’s “last day”.

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Hi 2020 from Bangkok

My first time counting down to New Year in Bangkok (:

Audrey Cafe in Thonglor, passed by and decided to sit in.
B-Story Garden, they have amazing vintage interiors which play along well with Christmas theme.
Escape Rooftop Bar, not a very high rooftop but their beach theme is pretty cute.
Chilling with cocktails and waiting for sunset.
Sun sun go away, come again another day.
Didn’t expect a pink sunset sky… extremely beautiful.
Last shot before i leave the bar.
I noticed that majority of the live bands in Bangkok can sing really well.
The night still young.
I don’t really like beer because of the gassy feeling but Fedebrau is an exception!
Would you swim here while the people are watching you? Haha.
New movie coming soon.
Call me maybe.

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Birthday at Koh Lipe, Thailand.

Koh Lipe is known as the Maldives of Thailand, they have crystal clear beach, white sand and perfect sky view. Well it does not have luxury floating resorts like Maldives but for me it is still consider compatible. We spent a night in Hatyai and then took the speedboat to Koh Lipe the next morning. Few main activities you can do here are snorkeling, diving, island hopping, happy hour and shopping, i got my hair braided for the first time here! I always love traveling especially on my birthday so my half thai boyfried (because he loves traveling to Thailand and he can speak thai very fluently), brought me here as my birthday gift ― Thank you and Happy 30th Birthday to myself (:

Attractions checked in this small island:
The Walking Street, Pattaya Beach, Sunset Beach, Sunrise Beach, Sanom Beach, Koh Hin Ngam, Koh Hin Sorn, Koh Cha Bang, Koh Butang, Koh Dong.

Walking along the beach infront of our resort.
Our stay, website :
Enquiring for sea activities packages.
Coconut ice-cream is a norm when it comes to Thailand!
Sunset view at Pattaya Beach.
The sky is simply beautiful.
Here’s what to do at night, happy hour!
Thai pancake, our Malaysia roti canai with creative flavouring.
Celebrating Loy Krathong festival with locals with cocktails.
What you can expect to see by the beach #1.
What you can expect to see by the beach #2.
Koh Hin Ngam, the cursed island of black pebbles. Any visitor who would dared to take even a pebble off the island would be cursed forever, according to the Thai mythology.
6.30am at Sunrise Beach #1.
6.30am at Sunrise Beach #2.
Good Morning Koh Lipe!
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