Plane In The City

Plane In The City, Malaysia’s first aircraft dining experience is officially launched on 25th April 2018. Right in the heart of KL, it is what it says it is – a Boeing 737 aircraft that’s not easy to miss despite the tall skyscrapers. They offer a 90 minutes experience where you can not only dine and try a five-star meal but also visit the pilot’s cockpit (you don’t get to do that everyday), walk on the wings on an aircraft and many more.

Ignore my silly face, i just don’t know what to pose.

It’s a plane in the city!

Checking in at the counter.

It is raining when we got there but it stopped after awhile.

Wing walk experience.

Welcome on board!

They have your name stated in the system on every seating.

Pre-flight safety demonstration. Opps i mean pre-meal.

Appetiser – Smoked Salmon and Cereal Bread.

Main Course – Roasted Cajun and Herb Chicken.

Dessert – Berries Soup and Fresh Berries.

Dinner In The Sky is just opposite.

Plane In The City
Imbi, 55100, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2282 6413
Economy Class (RM199/pax), Business Class (RM399/pax), First Class (RM999/pax)

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