Wish Lists

Achieve financial independence.
Earn my first pot of gold.
Able to speak in korean.
Have a waist-length hair.
Travel to Korea for at least a month with the person i love.
Travel to Santorini and watch sunset there.
Travel to Maldives.
Travel to Dubai.
Travel to Hong Kong.
Travel to Japan.
Visit Disneyland in USA.
Visit Tokyo DisneySea.
Visit Stonehenge in U.K.
Visit Great Wall of China.
Visit Eiffel Tower in Paris.
Visit Switzerland.
Visit Tasmania.
Visit Taj Mahal.
Visit Rome in Italy.
Visit Great Pyramid of Giza.
Visit world’s largest waterfall, Victoria Falls.
Wear a korean traditional dress.
Buy alot of cheap clothes from Bangkok.
Go to Las Vegas.
Go to Lotte World in Korea.
Go to Jeju Island in Korea.
Go on a cruise.
Go for a night stay in igloo hotel with my love.
Go to Poseidon Underworld Resort.
Learn to read and write chinese.
Learn photography.
Learn how to skate.
Learn how to dive.
Learn how to surf.
Learn how to really swim.
Learn how to bake and cook good food. 50% loading since MCO.
Experience winter season.
Experience skydiving.
Touch the snow.
Witness a shooting star.
Witness the northern lights.
Witness an UFO.
Watch dolphins jumping out of the sea.
Find a four leaf clover.
Finish a half marathon. Next, full marathon!
Participate in viper challenge.
Get a toned body.
Climb Mount Kinabalu.
Be a bridesmaid.
Own a Burberry Handbag.
Get on the world’s tallest ferris wheel.
Ride on a hot air balloon.
Ride in a limousine.
Meet korean superstar in real person.
Buy myself a SUV.
Buy a ticket to IT’S THE SHIP.
Buy a ticket to Tomorrowland.
Get myself a DSLR. Happy with my Fujifilm.
Get myself an ipad. Got myself an Ipad Mini 5, Apple Watch, AirPods and Iphone XS. Okay i’m officially broke… added Nintendo Switch during MCO. This is an expensive gaming hobby.
Marry the love of my life.
Clear off my car and housing loan. Finally!!
Have a diamond ring.
Have a garden / beach / yacht wedding.
Design my own house. (Planning renovation year 2023)
Wait for coackroach to extinct wtf.
Lead a happy and simple life (:

Updated 29th August 2022